Complete Audio Measurement System (Code: 1200)

Complete Audio Measurement System


With this USB measurement system you can easily perform high performance measurements with your PC. Simply connect this microphone to a free USB port, no preamplifier, no external power, no driver.

 This system is intended for non-commercial applications, education, training and DIY. It contains some limitations and is much cheaper than the full versions of Akulap.

This version contains the following limitations:

  • Every graphic conatins a text for a non-commercial version
  • Selfnoise is 45dB(A) instead of 16dB(A)
  • Maximum soundlevel is 103 dB
  • STIPA is not included
  • Long-term measurements are limited to 100MB of data
  • Lower measurement frequecy is 50Hz
  • Room-acoustics is limited to 125Hz

These limitations allow us to offer educational institutions and home users an affordable and simultaneous professional system. Please understand that this low-cost package can not be used to comply with standards. This is reserved for the commercial version.

USB Messmikrofon setup

It was never easier to measure with your PC.

This package is complete, it contains the USB measurement microphone and analysis software.
Other solutions require a special soundcard with 48V phantom power. In many cases there are many porblems with drivers. This is past. Our USB measurement microphone contains the soundcard with all the A/D-converter and USB interface itself.


This USB measurement system allows measurement of room acoustics (ISO 3382), analysis of sound absorbers, noise measurements at home or work, calbrated long-term sound recording, adjustment of PA-systems.

Features of the analysis software

  • Level in 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands. In contrast to many simple other solutions, we do not use the FFT for calculation. Instead we integrated a high perfomance polyphase filter bank that fulfils all international standards (IEC1260)
  • Time domain weighting (Impulse, Fast, Slow,5s)
  • Frequency domain weighting (Z,A,C,ITU)
  • High resolution FFT (16 Mio points which is equal to 0.003Hz resolution).
  • Measurement of reverberation time (RT60) in 1/3 octave bands. We support all known measurement techniques via impulse, pink noise and chirp/MLS.
  • Measurement of room impulse response
  • Long term noise analysis including energy equivalente averages
  • 3D display of the input signal in real-time.
  • Oscilloscope with TRUE-PEAK display
  • Measurement of frequency responses
  • Audio recorder
  • Signalgenerator including all popular signal types

This feature list shows just a fraction of our functions.

Measurement microphone

This system uses capsules with the thread 60UNS. You can connect almost any capsule from world leading brands. e.g. Bruel&Kjaer, GRAS, PCB and others.
With common mechanical adapters you can use 1" or 1/4" capsules.   The base package is equipped with a 1/2" capsule (22mV/Pa).


  • Gain is controlled by the PC allowing absolute level calibrations
  • Requires no external power. Simply connect it to USB
  • The operating system recognizes this USB microphone directly. There is no driver required. You can use this USB measurement microphone with Windows, MacOS or Linux. This feature will protect your investment, since you not depend on updated drivers.
  • We offer this system with different options (different capsules or dynamic extension)

USB messmikrofon Vorder und Hinterseite 


 Our software controls the gain factor for the total signal chain. The measurement system is fully calibrated. You can easily perform absolute sound level measurements. With other measurement software you will get problems, when you change the windows-mixer. All calibration will be lost. In these cases you require an expensive sound level calibrator.

With our software you can always measure calibrated levels. A sound level calibrator is required only for regular calibrations to verify the system and to correct minor deviations.

Common characteristics

  • Frequency range 10Hz-20kHz
  • Thread 60UNS
  • USB Audio class compliant
  • possible cable lengths: 5m with simple passive USB cables, 15m with active cables and 60m with special transceivers for regular CAT5 cables
  • The frequency response was measured electrically. The capsule was replaced by an capacitor. The curve does not contain the acoustical frequency response of the capsule.

Base package

The base package contains a 1/2" capsule with the following parameters

  • Sensitivity typ. 22mV/PA
  • Dynamic range 45-105dB(A) 108dB peak


  • You can upgrade this system to class 1 by simply replacing the mic capsule.
  • You can reach significantly higher levels with 1/4" capsules.

The frequency response was measured electrically. The capsule was replaced by an capacitor. The curve does not contain the acoustical frequency response of the capsule.


  • USB measurement microphone
  • Analysis Software
  • Installation CD


  • PC with Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8 32/64Bit, Win 10

The bundled software is for non-commercial purposes, only.


Price: 259.00 EUR
Incl. 16 % TAX plus shipping
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