AkuLap module room acoustics ISO3382 (Code: 3303018)

Software AkuLap Module room acoustics ISO 3382

  • Simple measurement of parameters accorrding to ISO 3382.
  • Supports measurement via impule, noise or sinus sweep (LOG
  • Sweep/Chirp)
  • Includes wizard for fast and easy measurements. Training phase is very short. Automatic error detection
  • Generates reports (HTML / PDF) according to IEC 18041 ISO 3382
  • Simple export to Excel
  • Measures RT60 with 1/3 ocatave resolution
  • Import and Export of room impulse responses from/to .wav files
  • Schroeder plot
  • EDT T20 T30
  • Clarity and definition
Price: 892.50 EUR
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
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